We weren’t satisfied with
traditional coaching methods.
So we evolved them.

Our Story

One day in early 2020, I had a chat with one of my students about the state of coaching in many industries, in particular, racing and simracing. We had some frustrations in common, and in the end they were laid out clearly: it can be hard to find someone that’s both skilled at their sport and at coaching, and even when you do, you’re usually limited to working on tangibles: what you can do better on track and how to improve it. But that leaves so much unanswered!

Every time they’re on track, the top drivers are subconsciously analyzing their driving and deciding what can be done better – to a very high level of detail. That same process is used by your coach to determine what you can be doing better. How are they doing THAT? How is it they know, or rather, what exactly is telling them that there’s something that should be done better in the first place?

How much more quickly could you improve as a driver if you developed that ability? Our programs are made to give you a framework to do just that – along with the context and big-picture understanding needed to apply that framework in every scenario.



Brian is a very experienced sim racer with years at the highest levels of the esports scene. On top of his sim experience he has real world driving experience in the form of the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup. Brian is currently a Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup driver with over 500 official wins on iRacing and multiple league championships.

Brian’s approach to coaching is progressive, intellectual, and formulated to make long term gains that develop better understanding of fundamentals and help students form habits and learn tools that last much longer than just a particular car/track combo.


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